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Our Exclusive Building

2 Min Read .Published August 30, 2022
Our Exclusive Building


OAC’s newest addition! This room was created to meet the needs from a range of backgrounds! Weather you are a wel

NOAC’s newest addition! This room was created to meet the needs from a range of backgrounds! Weather you are a well conditioned athlete looking to improve performance,a weekend warrior competing against yourself, or a person who just enjoys a WIDE variety of ways to workout, DynaMax is for you!

In this room we have a wide selection of cardio featuring; Lateral X trainers by Octane with Powerblocks, Pre Cor AMT’s, Matrix Climbmills, Jacobs ladder, Woodway Curve treadmills, Thorotread mills with weight sleds, FreeMotion incline trainers, Versa Climber, Espresso virtual reality bikes! All have the latest technology, and most have internet, IPHONE, Android plug ins, and much more!

We also have a full line of HOIST ROC IT plated loaded strength equipment, a SYNERGY 360 Life Fitness mega cage with TRX, kettle bells, uneven bars, dip station, rebounder, ropes, plyo platform, and more.The room also has 2 free motion Kinesis units from Technogym featuring 360 degree range of motion movements with super quick transitions to get you whole workout in fast! We also have a Marpo Rope trainer, a 3 kick fit interactive agility trainer, a vertimax trainer for speed, agility, and power training, and an ab coaster and EXT 3 ab machine!

OAC’s newest addition! This room was created to meet the needs from a range of backgrounds! Weather you are a wel

his room features a PRO LEGEND FULL power cage with platform insert for all your basic power lifting needs, as well as overall free weight barbell exercises. A free standing platform is also available with bumper plates to specifically practice your Olympic lifts, or cross fit type training activites. The best feature of the room is the TURF FIELD! Here you can perform thousands of free range movements, with bosu balls, kettle bells, weight sleds, the FLIPPER mutli weight sled and deadlift flipping apparatus, ropes, cones, plyo boxes, agility ladders, and every performance enhancing piece of equipment you can imagine! Simply stated, this room has everything!

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